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T Ortiz, A.K.A. Withelma “T” Ortiz Walker Pettigrew, is a Professional Orator, Human Rights Activist, and Motivational Personality. T is a leading force in advocating for the civil and social rights of all people, with a previous expertise in highlighting the intersectionality between the child welfare system and domestic human trafficking. In 2014, T was named one of TIME Magazine’s “100 Most Influential People in the world”, a TIME¬†Magazine “30 under 30” in 2013, and a GLAMOUR Magazine “Woman of the Year” in 2011. Her advocacy has influenced many organizations including The United Nations, Google, The U.S. Congress, The White House, The American Bar Association, The Aspen Institute, and The Johns Hopkins Institution. Notably, she successfully petitioned the Associated Press to utilize practices concious of survivor trauma and circumstance, such as the application of proper language in addressing child victims of sex trafficking. In addition to her work, T is currently a proud, full-time, student at Morgan State University working toward her B.S. in Strategic Communications.

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Passionate and tenacious at the same time, this is a very rarely seen combo. Her personality shines and brightens and inspires everyone else around her. Upon the amount of positive energy she has, Withelma could replace a small power plant!

-Dr. Peter Kadas, co-founder and CEO at Traction Tribe

Withelma "T" is one of the top, courageous communicators that I"ve come across in years. Her common sense in all business situations is a joy to behold, and I've found her to be trustworthy and passionate about completing projects on time and on schedule. "T" is a true joy and gem in the workplace.

-George Parrish, Founder and President

With 23 years of business experience, 6 years of military experience, and 4 years of nonprofit experience--there is no one whom I've ever met or worked with that I could give a heartier endorsement for than "T."

"T" possesses her own unique combination of personality, character, charm, drive, and intelligence that sets her apart as a leader, innovator, performer, and expert. She is results-driven yet people-oriented. She is professional yet creative. She is inspiring yet productive.

Mark Fisher, Missionary

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