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T Ortiz

With over 15+ years of professional experience paired with lived-experience, T is an International subject matter expert and activist specializing in anti-trafficking, juvenile Justice, and child welfare systems implementation and reformation. Her goal is to enhance systems and practices adhering to trauma-conscious, lived-experienced protocols that service marginalized populations. She has spent 15+ years providing consultation, training, and technical assistance in implementing federal, state, and non-profit systems, laws, and policies. She has been a keynote speaker and panelist on various intersectional topics of service provisions for vulnerable populations in all aspects of social welfare, Non-profits, NGOs, and corporate services. She has worked in family justice, clinical, and national child advocacy centers and has been featured in several publications and articles.

Her expertise has been prominent in highlighting the intersectionality between vulnerabilities within child welfare systems and public institutions that make youth targets of exploitation and trafficking. In 2021, T was named a National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) Hero. In 2014, she was named one of TIME Magazine’s “100 Most Influential People in the World”, a TIME Magazine “30 under 30” in 2013, and a GLAMOUR Magazine “Woman of the Year” in 2011. Her advocacy has influenced many organizations, including The United Nations, Google, The U.S. Congress, The White House,The American Bar Association, The Aspen Institute, and The University of Iceland. Notably, she successfully petitioned the Associated Press to utilize practices conscious of survivor trauma and circumstance, such as the application of proper language in addressing child victims of sex trafficking. T is a proud Magna Cum Laude graduate from
Morgan State University, holding a B.S. in Strategic Communication. See more about her story of triumph on the documentary “Hope Stories of Survival” available on-demand on Amazon Prime Video.



Fulfilled professionals across a variety of industries and causes.

Iona Rudisill

LCSW/Author/Diversity-Equity-Inclusion-Belonging-Justice Leadership coach

T is an amazing woman, mother, and professional. To have T as a member of your team is to have someone dedicated to achieving set goals and following strategic plans. She is an exceptional servant leader who listens to the audience that she trains.


Nancy O’Malley

Former Alameda County District Attorney

I am proud to know “T”. I am also deeply humbled by all she has done to put the National spotlight on human trafficking. She has used her advocacy and knowledge to change the way in which the Country and many parts of the world respond to human trafficking. At great personal sacrifice, “T” continues to renew her commitments to changing the culture, creating appropriate laws, improving the responses to human trafficking and ensuring survivor support.


Jeannette Pai-Espinosa

President of Justice & Joy National Collaborative

I cannot say enough about the brilliance, passion and tenacity of “T” as an advocate, organizer, strategist and so much more. She brings her life experience, education and vision for justice to bear on all her work. With the heart and soul of an advocate, the patience of a teacher and the compassion of one who cares deeply for others – she is a gifted and inspirational speaker, tireless in the pursuit of positive change in the world for freedom from violence, exploitation and marginalization particularly for girls, young women and gender expansive young people impacted by public systems.


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