Keynote Speaker

Allow T to motivate your organization, corporation, or movement towards coordinated practices conscious of professional, human, and circumstancial realities.

Curriculum Development

Helping create a number of curriculums used throughout state and federal agencies for over the past decade, see how T can assist with workplace competency and professional response

Policy Consultation

Formulating and reforming policy on various international, state and federal platforms, T consults on best standards of practices conscientious of bureaucracy and the needs of those serviced.

Technical Assistance

Facilitating, coordinating, and supporting skills and language for your company helping with organizational, skill retention, and action efforts


Add T to an upcoming panel to give a one-of-a-kind perspective unique to someone who has worked in a variety of social service capacities


T has the ability to capture and intrigue an audience like no other! Invite T to host your next conference, event, or professional retreat (In-person and virtual availability).


T has written and co-authored a variety of materials: Op-eds, campaigns, and blogs. Utilize her expertise to spark intrigue to literary readers in both print and online publications.


T’s unique perspective allows her to ask insightful and invoking questions as she leads conversations with grace, intention and skilled time-management allowing all participants an adequate ability to share their own expertise (in-person and online availability)